onsdag 18 april 2012

mr. sandman... please turn on your magic beam

8 hours, 5 minutes and 3 seconds left of my days as a seventeen year-old. You know the night before your birthday when you're about to go to bed and you realize that tomorrow you'll be one year older. Ugh, I hate that moment. After that I can't sleep, I try but nope, no Mr. Sandman this particular night. Today I'm going to try this new method, I'm going to go to bed late, late, late and then we'll see how it all goes. Reven8e marathon, yeahyeah. 

I don't really wanna grow up, I want to watch Disney movies, help mommy bake cookies, sing load as **** with people looking at me with an awwwe - face. Where is that guy, Peter Pan when you really need him? The second star to the right, let's fly away.

1 kommentar:

  1. Well, since you posted in English I decided I would comment in English! The big 1-8!! (big in America, anyway!) it's official adulthood, which is scary, but so exciting. You get to experience life differently on some ways, but on most it's the same. I hope that you have the best day tomorrow. I know its sometimes sad not sharing your birthday with your family, and I'm sure your family is bummed a bit. But know that we are so excited that you're spending your 18th in Texas with us! Happy "almost" birthday, dear!

    PS-I LOVE revenge! :)