onsdag 21 december 2011

Shaniqua and Shanana...

The time has come for an ENGLISH edition. For all of the English readers out there, you will not have to go to Google Translate for once. (Believe me, I know, it is a pain in the rear!) I, Minta, just wanted to be a guest writer to tell ya'll some of Anna's blonde moments. I would be writing all day if I told all of them, so I will narrow it down to one of the funniest stories.

Deaf Football Team
Me: "Anna, did you know that there is a school for deaf kids, and they have a football team? That school made it to the playoffs, so they must be pretty good. I could not imagine the communication skills they must have because they obviously can not hear."
Anna: "Whoa, that is crazy. But I know what they could do to communicate..."
Me: "What is that?"
Anna: "They blow a whistle, like TWEEEEEEETTTT!"
Me: "Wait, Anna, they're deaf."
Anna: "I know, I know. That is why they would use a whistle!"
Anna: "But they could still use a whistle. I know that is why......oh they are deaf so they probably couldn't hear the whistle..."
Me: "Wow, what did they teach you in Sweden?"

The "Fisherman's Friend" lozenges are Anna's favorite candies. She eats them all the time! I HATE the coughdrops! They taste like little kid liquid medicine, and they make me gag everytime I eat one. BUT I do have to give them credit because they have helped me in the past week with basketball. Plus, if your voice is going out, drink warm water mixed with lemon and honey. Although I was forcing it down, the potion did help me. Even though the coughdrops and lemon/honey drink are nasty, they help and work!

Do not, I repeat do not, go shoe shopping with Anna. Most people know Anna has a problem with decision making, but she says she is getting better at it...not really. Anyways, she went shoe shopping at Dillard's. (Of course she would choose lace-up boots to try on) Myself and another friend named Suzy had to laceup the shoes for her. Anna must of tried on each pair like three or four times each, until Suzy and I just started to agree with her so she would make up her mind. I will say the boots she bought are super cute, but we had to go through a long elimination process.

No matter how crazy or sometimes stupid Anna can be, I am so glad she decided to come to good ole Texas. It has been an awesome first part of the year, and I know I've made a friend for life.
 I leave you with this, from the wise Anna Eliasson, "I might not be blonde on the outside, but I'm blonde on the outside." 

So English readers, I hope you enjoyed not having to use Google 
Translate for once.

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