söndag 16 oktober 2011

To all my Americans

For once, you americans do not need to copy and paste to googletranslate, You're welcome!

Returned from a quite spontaneous weekend with McKenzie's family in Dallas. Had a great time! We went to the movietheater Saturday to see Footloose and let me tell you this, it was a great movie. I say that to a lot of the movies I've seen but this one really was great. Now, I haven't seen the first one so I can not compare them and say that such and such was better... Me, McKenzie, Lindsey, Meagan and Robin were all dancing in the back, we were those anoying people enjoying the movie too much...

Today we began our day with chillin' and later in the afternoon we went shopping at H&M and some other stores, holler! Give a little more Sweden to Texas, me like! After that we went to one of Dallas fancy neighborhoods and checked out some pretty awesome halloween decorations, ate some amazingly good cupcakes from sprinkles cupcakes, Mhhmm and then we headed home to our little cozy town...

...And now I'm laying in my bed watching my now working TV soon headed to bed.
Good Night, sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite, and if they do, hit them with a shoe.

3 kommentarer:

  1. "Ahh! Jag var alla redo att kopiera och klistra! :) Jag älskar det här så mycket! Vi hade roligt i helgen-Värre kan vänta med att göra det igen!"

    I wanted to impress you with my skills! I told you I could speak Swedish. But...just in case that doesn't make sense, here it is in English:

    "Ahh!! I was all ready to copy and paste! :) I love this so much! We had fun this weekend-can't wait to do it again!"

  2. oh gosh detta gjorde precis min dag! du använt alla de uttalanden Ive lärt dig! Detta motsvarar en glad och mycket stolt McKenzie!